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Monday, May 6, 2013

Foreign Intervention? You sure?

Hey guys,

Blackout day la, Ubah la, lainkalilah....if the results doesn't go your way, what do you do?

After seeing this, I just have one argument that I'll like to pick up: 

Despite whatever grievances or suspicion you have, or even if the election results is challenged, think again before you ask for Mr. Obama's help or any sort of foreign intervention. For those who are not affluent with world events, let me put my views in a simple articulation.

First of all, the world is really not safe to begin with. Thousands are dying every day; Southern Thailand Insurgency, Syria Civil War, Iraqi Sectarian War, Myanmar bloodshed, North Korea’s threats to US and South Korea, Bangladeshi riots, foreign government’s meddling in administrations (read President Karzai's scandal)….conflict after conflict, bloodshed after bloodshed. It’s a fragile world out there and big powers are gunning to consolidate their position in 'strategic regions' like ours. 

With the complicated South China Sea dispute, the rise of China’s dominance in SEA, and US pivot to Asia-Pacific (US bases around Philippines and Guam) around the corner, asking for foreign intervention is like telling the world you wanna get invaded. Do you still want to invite foreign intervention then?

Do you know who is Najib's ally in the international arena? And which international leaders on Anwar's side? Do you know how foreign policies can affect our domestic policies, social construct, and political discourse? We need to put our national interest in today’s hostile world.

Yes, the election results can be challenged, and we should fight thru the right channel, with our own hands, not giving up to foreign power to simply dictate our country's discourse. We might be ‘political chess’ for big countries which are capable of ‘commanding’ the region.

There's Bersih, IDEAS, and many other NGO's that we can sincerely work with. Technically, we have a vocal civil society. Let us fight for our own cause in our own way. 

That's the true national reconciliation, true democracy.

We can and will settle our own affairs, right?