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Saturday, July 7, 2012

10 Unique facts about Teh Tarik

Salam people,

Teh bubble tea form too?

This week's post is about another unique delicacy of ours. Unlike the Satay, the Teh Tarik is definitively ours. Ten interesting facts you must know about Teh Tarik:

Tarik Champs on show!
1. First of all, it's our national drink! Any nation claims its theirs? Over our dead bodies!

2. No one else 'pulled their tea', and lived to tell the tale, and with such style and finesse. 

3. Unlike many of the other delicacy, an element of showmanship exists in the making of Teh tarikWe even have competitions on who's 'tarik' tricks were the best!

4. And Because of Teh Tarik, We Malaysians are the biggest consumer of condensed milk per capita in the world. How about that record? 

5. Teh tarik is also a product of a hundred years of "local blending and assimilation" involving the tastes, palates & nuances of all races here. 

6. Because of that, Teh Tarik transcends race, creed and social standings. From a sweeper to a minister, everyone would enjoy the same drink. Teh Tarik haters are simply anti-social. 

7. You can ask for Teh Tarik at the typical mamak stall for RM 1.30, or at our 5 Star hotels at RM 20.30.  I repeat, for the same drink!

8. You can even have it on 1st & business class decks on MAS flights. That's having teh tarik at 9000 meters, higher than Mt Everest! 

9. An average Malaysian consumes 76,000 cups of teh tarik in his lifetime, that's two Olympic size swimming pools! Diabetes alert! 

10. Time for a club of Teh Tarik drinkers? Forget about politics, this will certainly unite the people! And hell yeah, Teh Tarik is here to stay forever with us!

Time to have a toast...with Teh Tarik perhaps? 

PS: Facts courtesy of Mr. Johan Jaafar, my favourite NST columnist. You can read his column on NST Sunday's edition, or follow him at @Johan_Jaaffar on Twitter!



LOVE THIS DRINK... I use the excuse to keep my tea cool for the kids. LOL

The is so yummie this way and done our way right?

Vin said...

I'm skeptical about number 7. 76k is waaaay too much. If a person were to drink 2 cups EVERYDAY, that would take him around 104 years to reach 76000! This is if that person started drinking 2 cups from the day he was born. Impossible!