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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Malaysians, truly generous!

I have been visiting bookstores lately to pick up new books to read……………well, not exactly.

I was actually looking around on how to spend the RM200 book voucher, courtesy of our caring government. I was planning to buy research books for my thesis purposes, then I came across with a funny-titled book, HONK! If you're Malaysian (Haha I know right, it sounds really familiar)

I know right?

In this book, author Lydia Teh wrote essays of typical Malaysian tales with a twist of  hilarious Malaysian infamous traits and anecdotes.

In one chapter, Lydia highlighted the fact of Malaysians being overly generous despite being thrifty and kiasu. Sounds very contradicting? Let's see. Example, we would find an alternative route to escape the ridiculous highway toll, or to skimp on RM1 parking fees, even with the risk of getting a hefty fine. But when ‘you’re-short-of-funds-for-a-life-saving-operation’ or ‘you’re-so-poor-you-can’t-afford-to-buy-milk-powder’, caring Malaysians will donate their hard-earned money without any hesitation. Even when there are rampant fraud and syndicate cases out in the streets nowadays, we Malaysians will still put the money in the hat for those who’re in need.

At the end of the chapter, Lydia concluded that ‘despite those rotten apples, the basket of Malaysian generosity still overflows. If our tourism ministry wants to revamp its “Malaysia, truly Asia” tagline, they should consider “Malaysia, truly generous.”

Indeed, being generous is one of our good traits, but where the fishes are, there the bait will be; ugly Malaysians would abuse this virtuous fact for personal gains.

And what are the reasons for Malaysians to really give their money despite being stingy? Is it really out from sincerity? Or it is just merely ‘for show’?

What do you think?


SheildRahim said...

l do think the simple Malaysians do donate in sincerity. Remember when I mentioned before that Malaysian are a forgiving lot? We are a very charitable lot as well. I hope this particular traits of ours never diminish.

Azmi Nordin said...

really hates to see some people would go for those syndicate and actually living on a high standard kind of living by just pretending to be poor or blind or sick or whatever..