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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Log Four: The extremism continues

"Violence has come to KFC stores near out! "

"Sudah kata ayam habis, apa lu mau lagi? "

I'm sure everyone knows about the latest internet viral hit - the KFC assault incident (If you haven't watch the video, just click play on the video above).  A lot of people expressed their views and picked their side of justice. Certainly, almost everyone gave the sympathy vote to the victim who got assaulted for complaining on the outlet's incompetency, and there were some people who put the blame on the victim who allegedly uttered racial slurs when expressing frustration towards the employee. No matter who's the culprit here, this is not how the incident should have ended. Furthermore, this is not the first time KFC got dragged down into deep-water by its goon-like employees.

Amidst the rising tension of the chicken saga, one particular post in Facebook has caught my attention immediately. For a moment I doubted the genuinity of it, its validity has been confirmed with evidence on the newsfeed itself.  Here it is:

I was bewildered with the 'amaran' issued by the Firdaus fella. Who is he to issue the warning? Does he even thought of the magnitude of his 'amaran' before posting it up on Facebook? I don't think so. And has KFC, a GLC owned by J-Corp (Johore state governmentt's Investment arm) taken any action on the incident? Minta maaf pun tak reti kah? Apatah lagi nak buat siasatan ni? Incompetency is the best word to describe the whole damn company, from top to bottom. 

Of course, orang buat jahat tak semestinya kita kena ikut juga, we should all reject extremism and fight back with wisdom. These hooligans will eventually retreat if their wisdom is truly tested. Extremism has officially penetrated into the Malaysian society. Scary? 

Familiar with the 'First world infrastructure, Third world mentality' phrase? 

What do you think? 
Let's discuss!

PS: Actually I wanted to write about something else, dah penat nak tulis pasal extremism ni...thanks to the Firdaus fella la!  

1 comment:

Tai Ken Hui said...

It's definitely not a proud moment to see fellow countrymen act with such a rude and aggressive behavior. It really is a disgrace.

First of all, whatever happened to customer service? When an order arrives late at McDonalds UK, they give you extra large fries and free McFlurry. In KFC Malaysia, they give you a shouting match and kicks and bruises.

Secondly, forget customer service, this sort of attitude is way out of line. It is perfectly within the customer's right to complain of inadequate service, but ILLEGAL to hit someone that's not provoking you. Acting tough and gangly while having the entire staff behind your back? Very manly. I'm sooo impressed.

Thirdly, 'nak gaduh lagi' and 'cari pasal' are cases of third world mentality, where fights and chaos ensues whenever one party doesn't agree with another. It's hard enough to get people from other countries to recognize us as a growing economic and industrial country without picturing us as neanderthals living in huts and treetops. And while it doesn't represent the entire population, it sure does not help our publicity.

We like to use the phrase 'kurang ajar' to describe people who act like they weren't taught to behave properly, and it fits well here. Hasn't family, religion, education or society taught that person anything about how to behave to a fellow person?

And regarding that Facebook comment, some idiot probably wanted to boost his ego while he hides behind his computer, spewing insults and acting on behalf of some imaginary group. I wouldn't give it a rat's ass.

Wisdom is clearly what's lacking in the attackers.

I hope this incident gets settled soon, and justice is served, before it escalates out of proportion. My worst fears are that it turns into a racial issue, as most things in M'sia tend to swerve in that direction, especially during election season. Malaysia Boleh? Yeah, right.